Source candidates 3x faster
And get 2x more responses
With Generative AI

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Up to 80% of sourcing & recruiting are repetitive
tasks that can now be automated.

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2x Sourcing Speed & Accuracy

Spend all day reading profiles on LinkedIn? Your Sourcers constantly making mistakes?

RecruiterGPT™ reads entire profiles in 300 milliseconds and highlights only the words you need to scan.

Then the AI skills meter shows if they’re a match. And it’s smarter than 95% of human Sourcers (and works for free).

Automate Candidate Outreach

With a database of tens of millions of candidates’ personal emails you don’t have to worry about running out of InMails.

RecruiterGPT™ also writes perfectly customized emails (and two follow up emails) so candidates respond more.

Who Has Time To Read Every Resume?

Let RecruiterGPT™ read every resume and stack rank the candidates for you.

Shrink dozens of human hours reading CVs into 15 minutes of automation.

Then select the top candidates and automatically send them highly personalized emails with a single click.

2x Worker Productivity

Do your Sourcers & Recruiters work remotely?

AI (without invading privacy) can track the activity of each Sourcer & Recruiter down to the tasks and hour - nearly doubling the productivity of your workforce.

Enjoy the productivity of a 100% in-office team while allowing your staff to work remotely.

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